U.S. Economic Indicators

Interest Rates
30-Year Conventional Mortgage Rate, Effective Federal Funds Rate. more »
Employment Indicators
Unemployment Rate, Total Unemployed, Average Hourly Earnings more »
Stock Market Indexes
S&P 500 Index, CBOE Volatility Index more »
MacroEconomic Indicators
Gross National Product, Exports of Goods & Services more »
Consumer Indicators
Personal Saving Rate, Gas Price, Consumer Price Index more »
Money Supply
M1 Money Stock, Velocity of M1 Money Stock, Currency in Circulation more »
Manufacturers' New Orders, Prices Index, Inventories Index more »
Housing Sector
Total Housing Starts, 20-City Home Price Index more »
Commodities Indicators
US Diesel Sales Price, Spot Oil Price more »
Credit and Banking
Commercial Banks in the U.S., Total Consumer Credit Outstanding more »
Non-Manufacturing Data
Prices Index, New Orders Index, New Export Orders more »